Cybermen 2005


Some would call this my best work, I would say this is only the beginning.  The Cyberman was a curious case of something floating around my subconscious for years and not really gelling until the new run of Doctor Who came about in 2005. I wanted to do some sort of Doctor Who costume for years, but could never quite hit upon something I liked.  Then my Wife became obsessed with the new version of the show and thereby pulled me back into something I had seen as a child (thanks to my mother and PBS) but had not thought about for years. I was never a Dalek person, for me the Cybermen were always the cooler villains of the whoverse.  So naturally when they were re-designed for the 2006 run I fell in love with the look and said to myself, I gotta make that.

It took another few years to reach a point where I could commit the time and money to do it, but becoming friends with the Cosplayers at Gallifrey One helped kick me in the ass.  The initial build of armor was done rather fast, about 2 weeks I believe, then the undersuit and gloves came later for the proper premiere at Gally.  Some of these shots are from Comikaze, where I won honorable mention because they thought I was a professional and couldn’t pit me against the rest of the finalists for an actual prize.  The best pictures came from Gallifrey One 23, having bragged about making this costume to the Gally people, naturally that year was crazy because I was involved with a Masquerade skit as well. (My wife got onstage too with her Adipose in another popular skit) The pro pics were taken at Gally after the skit by Scott Sebring, who did an amazing job of capturing the details of this great feat I did. The Skit won Best in class Journeyman and with the wit of the idea (Thanks to Bob Mitsch) made this outfit and the other Cybermen quite the celebrities that year.




Foam Fabricated costume of the 2006 version of the Doctor Who villain Cyberman.


Malaki Keller


Foam Floor Mats 1/2" (10-12)
L-200 Foam 1/4" Thick (1 4'x8' sheet)
Fun Foam 1/8" thick (a couple of large sheets)
Barge Adhesive Liquid Glue.
Barge Thinner.
PVC tubing (1/2" OD) with some elbow fittings from another style of Plumbing setup.
The Undersuit was custom cloth sewn base with Foam tubing in 3 sizes (1/2", 3/8", & 1/4") glued in crazy patterns and burned with a soldering knife.
Gardening gloves with the fun foam glued on and details cut in.
Plasti-Dip Black aerosol liquid vinyl coating (8-10 cans)
Design Master Super Silver (3 cans)
Black Airbrush paint for detailing.


Doctor Who
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